The incredible growth of the company in such a short space of time is testament to not only an accurate analysis of market need, but also a symptom of our culture; namely to build trust with customers and suppliers alike. We invest a considerable amount of time and effort building relationships with Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, so where a product is not available via national wholesalers, we have the opportunity to open dialogue with the manufacturer about a customer’s requirement. This approach invariably produces the desired result, but our integrity is such that when a manufacturer asks us not to pursue an export opportunity, we support their wishes and don’t! This has two positive consequences. Firstly, we build enormous trust with our suppliers and command support to a greater extent than our competitors. Secondly, when we make a price and volume commitment to a customer, we know with a high degree of certainty that we can supply and will not let the customer down.

As a result of our pragmatic stance, we now enjoy significant exports to much of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Our customers return to us time and again and much new business is generated from recommendation.