UK Wholesale

Market consolidation in the UK, coupled with the discriminatory supply-chain model adopted by many Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s makes life hard for many UK customers. The market continues to move in a direction that values only hospital and prescription business and forgets about other market participants, e.g. specialist wholesalers and end-users that fall outside the scope of the traditional wholesale model.

If you operate in a none-prescription area of the market and cannot obtain an account with national wholesaler, you will without doubt be struggling to obtain the products you need at a competitive price and in a timely fashion. Even if you are served by the traditional wholesaler model, you will find product quotas and restrictions stand in your way. In either scenario, Pharmahouse was founded to serve you! Why not give us a try?

“We approached Pharmahouse as it was becoming increasingly difficult for our business to obtain the Pharmaceuticals it needs, the industry is simply not geared up for none-prescription business. Pharmahouse has literally filled this gap in the market and to great effect. Our experience with Pharmahouse has resulted in our staff spending much less time sourcing product and it has reduced our Pharmaceutical spend considerably. I would wholeheartedly recommend Pharmahouse to any potential client.”
Dr Brian Robertson OStJ,TD, MICPEM
Chairman, of The Event Medicine Company Ltd